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Freelancer or Remote Worker Do you feel that sometimes you lose track over your projects? Or perhaps you just waste time, or feel “unproductive”? Enhance productivity with INDIDESK and manage your projects, team members, and clients in the most effective way.
Startups and Small Teams As a startup, we know that productivity is a MUST in everything you do. we struggled a lot before and we used a bunch of tools to complete our projects. Tasks and resource manager softwares, file sharing and communication platform, etc, made our projects messy and expensive, That’s why we created INDIDESK, the productivity workplace. if it worked for us, it can work for you.
Medium and Large Companies One of the biggest problems for Medium Size Compines on the Service Industry is the management of your in-house or outsourced resources. Get the best out of every team member with all the features you and they need; improve time, track progress and transparently evaluate it with advanced productivity reports.

Key Features

INDIDESK’S features provide you everything you need to manage and control your teams and projects, enhancing productivity.

Key benefits

One account to rule all your projects. With INDIDESK it is not necessary to have an account for every project, company, or venture you are involved in. With your INDIDESK account you can create projects and invite anyone you want to join them. Also, you can join any project you are invited to and keep everything very organized and simple. INDIDESK understands that each project is different, and that's why it gives you the ease and flexibility to organize each project according to your needs. Make your experience easier by organizing your INDIDESK account as it suits you best.
  • Global overview

    Discover summarized activity within all your involved projects. Review your latest conversations and check your tasks status simple and in a friendly visual way.

  • Invitations

    INDIDESK is for everyone, you can invite as many people as you want to collaborate inside your projects and you can be invited to join other projects too.

  • Projects control

    Unlock the true potential of your projects, all projects are related to your account and not to a specific company.

  • 24/7 support

    We keep improving INDIDESK, we are paying close attention for your experience, if you need help, let us know. We are here.

  • Detailed FAQ

    We are constantly trying to make things easier and improve your experience, if you have questions, visit our FAQ page.

  • Announcements

    Discover everything about INDIDESK news, releases and upcoming features.

  • Advanced user settings

    You account is full of greatness, configure your settings to personalize your INDIDESK experience to fit your needs. Configure your default billing and payment details too.

  • A single account

    You can be part of unlimited projects from different companies, concepts, spaces and even worlds! everything within your single INDIDESK account.

Complete your dream team with external talent, easily.

Invite and manage in-house or external resources to collaborate within your projects in just a few steps. Soon, you’ll be able to hire talent within the 10+ million freelancers and agencies around the globe, directly from your INDIDESK account.

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Work remotely, manage your projects and teams with ease. Enhance productivity with INDIDESK. Work remotely, manage your projects and teams with ease. Enhance productivity with INDIDESK. Free forever.

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